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Purchasing Online

You can go to checkout page. After selecting your item you can customise your order with changing the mount of your order target and pay with your credit card or some crypto currencies.
Yes, you can pay for your orders with any kind of credit cards that supported with PayPal.
Yes, you can pay with some of the crypto curenccies like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more ...
Uh, yes. You can buy multiple items but we do not support a cart which you add items into, you have to pay for each item separately.
Yes, we can add targeted members according your target group.
We will add both online and offline members. According your request.
Yes of course, just contact us.
No, Just send us your channel or group id and BOOM !
Yes, it’s about 2-3 years that we are working with our clients without any problem.
All of orders will be done in early hour but depending on service description it may takes up to 48 hours.


Actually, after processing your order there is not any way to rollback the actions from our side. Also we will refund your order if the targeted amount of order is not reached.
You can send email or contact with our Telegram ID (you can find it in site footer) to cancel your order before processing. Sometime the processing make much time to finish, so if you did'nt received your order it not means we didn't process it.


Simple ! User our email address, of contact form on the first page or send message to our Telegram ID.
Actually a little bit. To compensate, we will process your orders with a little bit more of your target.